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January 30, 2012

I'm Sorry, So Sorry...

I've been a bad blogger lately. I'm the first to admit that blogging is a bit of a chore, and the past few times I've tried to blog for some reason it will not let me publish my posts so instead of trying to fix the issue I just give up. BUT no more! I'm back at it, readers! 

I have been busy trying to make and create lots of Valentines items for my shops over the past few weeks. 

This photograph has been getting a lot of love (har, har) on Etsy lately; 
I love the pastels and softness in this one.

My new favorite products I've created this week are these messenger bags 
with my photos on them from Zazzle. 

Birds at Sunset Messenger Bag rickshawmessengerbag
Birds at Sunset Messenger Bag by MaybeSparrowsPlace
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Finally, this sweatshirt won Zazzle's "TBA" award last week for best new design. Please go check out my stuff and show them some love, I'd greatly appreciate some viewership to my new site on Zazzle!
If you have a Zazzle site, post it in the comment section so I can check it out as well.

Let Love Free shirt
Let Love Free by MaybeSparrowsPlace
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Well, I'm off to make some greeting cards and get my creativity on in my new office/crafting area.
I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday morning!


  1.'ve done a bunch. I find it near to impossible lately to create anything, marketing my art and blogging take up all of my time.

    Happiness to ALL !