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January 13, 2012

January Means Rodeo Month in Texas...

...which is just another excuse for me to photograph carnival rides. Yay! I have been jonesing for a carnival shoot ever since my last one in October. I snuck into the parking lot of the Fort Worth Stockshow and Rodeo when they were setting up Wednesday, set up my tripod, and snapped away at the empty but glorious rides. Here are a few results so far:

This coming Monday, my family is going on our annual ski trip to Telluride. I hope to come back with some amazing winter shots for you all.

Happy Friday to everyone!


  1. Love this photos ... I'll be looking out for more of you fabulous pictures.

    Happiness and Abundance to all.

  2. I just love carnival rides! Great photos!

  3. Awesome photos ;) Very cool...